Whinging 1

There are times I really need to just vent. I’ll name them Whinging # to save you grief.

My fiance is really going to be annoying about this. I’m trying to go green, live a more nautral lifestyle and reduce my carbon footprint. All he can do is complain. The only reason we recycle is that I take the recyclables down to the dumpster for recycling. Only things that have a recycling symbol on them get recycled, even though I’m the one who hauls it around! I bought Seventh Generation toilet paper and it’s not soft enough. Heaven forbid we wipe our butts with recycled, non-bleached toilet paper! I can’t turn off all the lights before leaving without hearing about it. It’s not like I’m turning the lights off on him. But if no one’s using the light, why have it on? I’m so glad I have no interest in unplugging or turning off the power strip for the TV and VCR and DVD player and PS2. Not that we use the PS2 or VCR much or they’re programmed for anything. I probably should unplug them too. He likes to mutter about how I’m going to drive him crazy with “this”. I’m sorry if I want to lead a better lifestyle for myself. I’m not going to make him use organic and natural personal hygine products. But I would like to make as much of my life as green and natural as possible. I think he’d notice the difference more if he was the one paying the bills instead of our friends.


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