Inspiration from a fellow blogger

I was over on Bonzai Aphrodite looking around at older posts, mainly her fashion posts. She has inspired me and given me a new way of thinking about my wardrobe. Since as soon as I can afford it, I need to go clothes shopping. Losing 15 lbs has an affect on your clothes. Amusingly the three pair of pants that I bought soon after getting this job all need to be replaced. One pair has needed to go since the beginning because I realized after I took all the tags off and threw them and the reciept out that I had bought average instead of tall. So they have never fit right. But the other two are too big now.
I’ve been realizing that my wardrobe needs more diversity in it. And now, between Bonzai Aphrodite and What Not to Wear I think I’m going to be able to do it. Bonzai has some great tips, not too dissimilar from What Not to Wear. I think it’s easier for me to process since she talks about buying secondhand versus being in NYC with $5000.
I’ve got a couple of things in my wardrobe now that aren’t getting as much use as they can be. I’ve got a great jacket that works well for work and fun. I just don’t wear it all that often. Now that it’s getting colder out, I’ll be able to use it more. I just need more to wear under it. I have a black and a white sleeveless top that I wear a lot under shirts that work under the jacket. I’m actually wearing the white one right now under a white shirt (I know, it looks sooo boring). I’ve also got a couple of other shirts/tanks that work under shirts, I just use them so often that half the time they’re in the laundry when I want to wear it.
So, thanks to Bonzai Aphrodite I’m going to check out Goodwill and possibly a few thrift stores before going to Wal-Mart. Pants are at the top of my list. Even some of my jeans are trying to flee from me when I wear them (too big). Work pants are at the top followed by a few jeans. I’d love to find some skinny jeans. I have great legs, so I’ve been told by many, and want to show them off. Also you can’t tuck most jeans into boots without them looking strange. So skinny jeans would be wonderful. I’d really like to be able to find a couple of dress shirts for work. I’ve got some that need tailoring because while they fit me across the chest, they’re a tent everywhere else. And the next size down wasn’t an option because the button or two in that area would pull. A few other basics (a nice, versatile dress; maybe some light knits; a skirt or two if they work) would be great as long as I can afford them. I may even look at shoes. I’ve been living in my sandals all summer and I really need some that are just for work, and they could use either a nicer pair to give them a break or a replacement.
Now all I need is the money. Which in theory will be coming soon. So hopefully I’ll be updating about my wonderfully sucessful shopping trip!


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