Big step along the natural path!

This week marks a big leap in my journey. Monday I ran out of my old facial scrub and got to replace it with the Burt’s Bees Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub. My face feels so much better afterwards! It does almost feel oily, but it’s simply the natural moisturizers and my own skin being balanced. I simply scrub it in, rinse it off, and use my toner as usual. My skin feels better. It doesn’t feel a little dry or tight afterwards like it used to, and still does a bit on the days I use my face wash. But it’s a step. The face wash’ll be replaced soon because it’s almost out as well.
Thursday I noticed that my hair gets a bit frizzy up near my part after I use the shampoo but not when it’s a night off. So, after consulting with the wonderful members of No ‘Poo community at LiveJournal, I have relegated the a little less than half full bottle of shampoo to the cleaning supplies for washing my boar’s hair brush.
Today was my first day of using the baking soda wash with the apple cider vinegar rinse (BS/ACV). When I was mixing up the BS and water, I wasn’t sure if there was enough. I thought it was sorta watery. Then I started pouring it on my head and working it in to my scalp. It was working! It started mixing with my natural oils and became slippery like soap, which is what’s supposed to happen. When I was rinsing it out, it felt so clean! Then I did the same with the ACV rinse. My hair doesn’t smell like vinegar. It’s wonderfully clean, wasn’t tangled, and looks a bit better than it would after shampooing. I figure since I’ve been only shampooing three times a week, my scalp’s already adjusting. Hopefully there won’t be too long of a detox period and/or it won’t be too bad. I am so sticking with it. Definately look to see more about it.
So I thought I would post a few pics to go with this. Every natural evolution post will have some to show the changes. Click on it for the full size. Here goes!

Here’s what my shower supplies have been for a long time. Shampoo, body scrub, face scrub, and face wash. The compartment on the left holds my main bodywash.


the shampoo is gone and the scrub’s been replaced! Yay!

Shampoo’s been replaced with these!

That’s my little tub for mixing everything in. I’m reusing food containers for things other than food to keep the food okay. They’re really useful.

I did another green thing today. I got a library card. You might be wondering why I say that’s green. I can check out tons of books, movies, and music without buying them in case I don’t want them. I love to read. This is going to be wonderful. It’s been years since I’ve had one and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I went today. Among other things, I picked up a couple of books to help me out. One’s Living in the Raw Gourmet by Rose Lee Calabro and the other is Fresh From the Farmer’s Market by Janet Fletcher. I’ll put up my thoughts after I’ve read them, but they look really interesting. I’ve got a couple of books on reserve that will probably get mentioned here as well.

Well, off to start on those books!


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