Projects, projects, projects! And books!!

Last night I was sitting writing about my day and how I’m looking forward to this weekend because I’m finally going to be able to put in my order at ReusableBags for the produce bags and my lunchbag, and to get my Klean Kanteens from Amazon. That made me think about a few things. First it brought to mind the LunchSkins I want to eventually get. Which made me think of the Wrap-N-Mat which gave me an idea. Why not just make my own?! That way I don’t have to wait until I can afford the LunchSkins when I can use fabric I already have to take care of my food. So now I just need to figure out what to use. I’ve got plenty of fabric at home left over from costumes and crafts. I could probably line them with some simple cotton fabric and have great looking food containers!
I’ll update with pictures when I get it all figured out.

While thinking about that it reminded me of the other projects I keep meaning to get done. There are two that are related and I’ve already started on. I’ve had a stack of t-shirts I have been saving to make into a t-shirt quilt (here’s one site and here’s a how-to site). I’ve already gone through and cut the fronts off the shirts leaving plenty of space to make the squares as big as necessary. This leaves me with a pile of t-shirt fronts waiting to be quilted and a pile of backs and sleves waiting to be made into rags, the other project. The rags won’t take long to make, but I need to have time to sit down and do it. I can’t do it this weekend because we’ll be at the Renaissance Festival on Saturday. And Sunday I’m going shopping at Goodwill after Mass. Next weekend we’re going up to his parents for the weekend. So maybe by the beginning of October I’ll at least have a pile of rags.
Again, pics will be posted when I get it done!

After my shower I decided to sit down with one of the books I got from the library, Fresh from the Farmer’s Market. It goes through the seasons and talks about what foods you would find at the market at that time, how to pick the best, and how to store it. She also has recipies on how to prepare the produce. I’m only halfway through Spring and I love it. I am so buying a copy when I can afford it. And it’s making me want to go to the Farmer’s Market this weekend, but we can’t afford to go even if we weren’t going to the festival. Also we need to work on switching over to buying produce on an almost daily basis before going to the farmer’s markets around here. The three that are close to me are both almost done for the year. But over the fall and winter we can work on eating seasonally and buy fresher foods when we need them at Whole Foods or other places like local food stands and co-ops that I’d like to find. It just sounds better eating fruits and veggies that just got picked that day or the day before instead of who knows how many weeks ago.

So those are a few of the projects I’ve got in mind to start working on. Each one will get it’s own post with plenty of pictures to go with it.


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