Goodwill is awesome!!

Today I finally was able to go clothes shopping! As planned, I went up to the Goodwill that is near campus since I went after Mass. It was great! For $30 I bought 4 pair of pants, a jacket, and 4 tops. Where else can you get that much for that little? This is going to let me not only have more versatility in my wardrobe, but I can start getting rid of donating the pants that are too big on me now. I’ve got a couple of pairs of pants that try to escape me while I’m at work. The next step is to replace the jeans that like to try and escape me when I have my cellphone and keys on me.

First, I had to figure out what to wear for my excursion. I’m slowly working on re-figuring out my style. I had a completely different outfit planned for today. But when I put it all on, it didn’t work at all. Click on any of the pics for a larger view! So I came up with this:

I took the men’s dress shirt I still have from freshman year of college (needed it for marching band) and gathered it back behind me with a hairtie which showed off my wonderful curves. I threw on my green tank and my short shorts. Then I finished it off with a scarf a friend made for me. It’s so nice to be comfortable with your body and no longer want to hide it under baggy clothes!

Anyway. I got there and started through the sweaters and shirts. Then I remembered, I need pants! So after finally figuring out how they organize things and what they consider to be Extra Large (size 14 is extra large?) I found a ton of pants. I must have had like 10 pairs of pants and 3 tops when I went into the dressing room. Out of that, the four pants and only one top made it. I had thoroughly scoured their pants selection, so there was no point in looking again. It doesn’t help that I’m 5’10” with a high waist (aka long legs). Most of those pants that didn’t make it only made it to my ankles. So I went and looked through the tops again, which is when I found the other 3. Then I remembered I wanted to look for a jacket or two, and I found it. It’s going to be such a versatile piece of my wardrobe. I can dress it up or down as I’ll need and it’ll look great. Pieces like that are important in any wardrobe.

So I checked out with my finds and spent less than I thought I would, which made me even happier. Here’s what I got:

I took one of my many reusable bags with me and everything just fit in! I picked this bag up at the Dollar Tree and it’s great since it doesn’t have any store on it. I feel sorta wierd taking a bag from one store (say Wal-Mart) into another (like Whole Foods). This bag has saved me a couple of times when I forgot to put my bags back in the car.

Here’s my haul!

Hanging down are the pants which were $3.49 each. From left to right: black pants (Chaps), olive khakis (Khakis International Design), wide pinstripe (Merona), and narrow pink pinstripe (Fashion Bug).
On the second row are (from left to right): the jacket (Aesthetic), brown sweater vest (Van Cort), yellow tank top (SO…GSJC), brown tank with lace edging (Aeropostale), and black top with white collar and cuffs (Chaps).

Who says you have to buy things new to get designer labels? 😀


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