Meatless Thursdays

A week or so ago I read about Meatless Mondays (the link’s up over in the Bookmarks as well under The Kitchen Table) on another website. My first thought was, “What a great idea!” Most people have no idea what a proper portion of meat is and, as a result, eat too much. Back in April I started working on getting in shape and losing weight and I learned how much meat you should have in a serving and in a day. It amazed me at how little meat is in a serving, which is two to three ounces. Some people get their total amount in just one meal! While the majority of us are omnivores, we eat a disproportionate amount of meat.
My next thought was “I can’t do this.” It’s not that I don’t want to; it’s just not feasible for me. My fiancé would never go for a meatless meal except for cheese pizza, and even then he might complain. Then I remembered, Thursday nights are mine! On Thursdays FH goes out with some friends from work (Thursday Night Movie Group) and I either have practice at church for Mass on Sunday or I just do my own thing. Even if TNMG and practice don’t happen, we both usually agree to do whatever we want that night. As much as we love each other, an evening apart once a week is good.
Thus, I will be starting Meatless Thursdays tomorrow. It’s the same thing as the Monday people, just on Thursdays. I really don’t want to make up a separate meal for myself and for FH. Tonight after work I’m stopping at Whole Foods to pick up feta cheese (forgot it on Monday when we were grocery shopping), tofu, and flax seeds for tomorrow. I’m hoping to make something good for lunch and have fun with dinner but still get enough protein and fiber in for the day. I’ll be sure to post the results.
If you like the idea of Meatless Monday but it’s not a good day for you, pick a different day and go for it! Let’s help ourselves and help the environment by eating just a little less meat.


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