Natural Evolution: Another Big Leap!

They came! My bags and Kanteens came!!! I came home and found the packages waiting for me. My original intention was to order the produce bags from Reusable Bags and the Klean Kanteens from Amazon. Unfortunately after I placed my bag order, I found that the price for Kanteens had gone up and it was cheaper to order them from Reusable Bags. So I had to place a separate order and they didn’t catch the first order in time to combine the two. But they did a great job with using minimal packaging! See for yourself:

The bags were packed in that white envelope. It’s an ecomailer and made from recycled products. I can’t remember the percentage, but it’s either 80% or 100%. The Kanteens were wrapped in the brown paper and in the box. Everything’s going in the recycling bin and nothing’s wasted, even the tags! I got two of the small bags and two of the large. I completely unfolded them here so you can see the sizes. They don’t really show it well on the site. I’m going to be ordering more of the large when I get the money.
The Kanteens are great. I got the sport tops, since you can’t see them all that well in the picture. They’ve got a great vent up on top near the spout that draws air in as you drink the water. No glugging and no worrying about a vaccum being created. And the water tastes great! Now I don’t have to refill from plastic bottles anymore. I just take all 54 oz of water with me to work. 🙂

I made another big change in the bathroom as well. Here’s where things stood back on September 19:

I had switched to no-poo and the Burt’s Bees scrub.

Here’s where things stand now:

The face wash is gone and replaced with a 5:1 solution of water and Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree castile soap! A couple of areas on my face did seem a little drier than usual, but it was squeaky clean. Seriously, my face squeaked! Hopefully I’ll be able to get my moisturizer soon and things won’t be so dry. Also I figure it’s going to take a little to get used to the Tea Tree oil. But it did tingle in areas where things aren’t so clear, so I knew that it was working. I hope this is going to work and help clear things up better than anything I’ve tried yet.
The other thing is the Tazo bottles up in the left hand corner. At work I realized that I can reuse them for so many things, including BS wash and ACV rinse. And I think it was a good move. My hair feels great today! I think it’s paritally due to being able to have a better idea of how much of what is in the mix, and it’s getting mixed much better since I can screw on the cap and shake it up, unlike the butter tub.
As I come up with uses for the bottles, I’ll make sure to let you all know! It’s going to be fun figuring out what I can do with them!


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