Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new home of The Green Geek. I have finally moved all the posts and links and everything! As much as I liked Webs, and still do for my other websites, it’s not meant for blogging. This site is! Remember the progam I mentioned, WordPress? Well, it turns out that it won’t work with Webs. I’d have to have my own domain, or at least server space, to use it. But they also run this site for people like me. It’s based on the program, but it doesn’t require the server space, and it’s still free!
This site is so much better for me. It is much more HTML friendly. One of the big things I’m happy about is that I can do more with the pictures. So instead of them being full-size and taking forever to load, they’re now smaller and you can click on it to see the full-size version if you want. I can also organize my posts with categories and tags like I’d rather and can be more specific about them.
The only drawback is that the username thegreengeek has already been taken, as well as greengeek. So I threw on the 05 (when I graduated from college) and voila! That’s the only problem I’ve had so far.
As you may have noticed, there are lots of things off to the right. These are the widgets. They give you a long list of widgets you can use on your site to help with navigation and finding posts as well as the Twitter widget and RSS feeds. You’ll notice that there are pages listed on the side that aren’t up top. That’s because they go with the page above them. This way I won’t be cluttering up the top links with 5 million pages. Also, I think it’s organized better that way. 🙂
I will get a post up about yesterday’s Meatless Thursday. I was just busy last night working on wedding stuff. Take a look around and have fun!


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