Getting things back to normal

Okay, now that I managed to get something up for last Thursday, I’m going to get things back on track! Between moving the site and wedding things, it’s been busy!

Today I feel a little bad and also really good. First the little bad. Last night we had Stouffer’s Lasagna Italiano. Really good stuff. But there are about 5 servings in this one tray of lasagna. Fiance insists on buying the large sizes instead of a smaller size. I’m going to try to find a smaller size next time.
But anyway… We each had a quarter of it for dinner and I put the other two pieces in my Glad containers and put them in the fridge. Nothing bad so far. Yes I still have plastic containers, but I try to not use them too much and not reheat things in them. I felt like having a piece for lunch today. Unfortunately I had to reheat it in the microwave in the Glad container. ::cringe:: I felt really bad doing it but it was either that or a styrofoam plate. I’d rather deal with the container. When I get home tonight I’m going to make sure to hand wash it.

Which reminds me of something else. Last night when I was getting dinner plated, I went to get forks for us and used, as far I could tell, the last two clean forks. I decided to just take on the mountain of dishes that had stacked up and get the dishwasher going. I also decided that since I was loading it, that I would make sure that our dishes got priority. Normally I’d just get the dishwasher full and run it regardless of whose dishes they were. But I was loading it and we were almost out of plates. I also made sure to leave out any plastic food containers. When I think about it I should have also left out the cups. Oh well. Dishwasher set for light wash and nothing selected for drying, and off it went! I’m going to have to mention not selecting anything for drying in the future. I don’t think I’ve seen such dry dishes since they’ve gotten that machine! Also it saves energy. Tonight I may tackle the pile of plastic and handwash it all. But it felt good to know that not only did I save energy, but it got the dishes dryer. Score one for being green!
But the disturbing thing about doing that was that there wasn’t much left to go into the dishwasher, plastic or otherwise. It was then that I realized how much my friends have been eating out, eating simple foods that you just heat in the oven on foil, and using paper plates. I know why they do that: less dishes to wash. Unfortunately it creates much more waste and is not nearly as healthy. Give me a mountain of dishes to clean if it means eating healthier.

What made me feel good today is I started a new book. In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto is by Michael Pollan. It was written in response to questions that came up after people read his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals. I am only up to chapter 5 and I’m loving it. I’m going to put up a more detailed post once I’ve finished it, but I will say this one piece of advice right now: Read the introduction!! I normally skip over introductions, but this one helps you by setting the tone and letting you know where the author is coming from. So, if you’re like me and usually skip the introduction because you think it’s boring and has nothing to do with the book, read this one!

Well, I’ve probably written enough for three separate posts here, so I’ll leave it at that.
See ya later!


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