Meatless Thursday October, 8

I figure since it’s almost Thursday again, I should get last Thursday up! I’ll add pics once I can get the chance to get them together. And now we’ll go back in time to Thursday, October, 8.

I stopped at Whole Foods last night after work to get supplies for lunch today. Sadly they don’t have very big tortillas. But I thought they might work. I was wrong. They’re the perfect size for tacos, but definately not for burritos. I made do though. I gathered up my supplies and started in.
(Here will be the picture of the tortillas, brown rice, tomato, orange pepper, avocado, sour cream, and cheese. The supplies!)
I discovered my underestimation of the tortillas when I put half the rice on one. Just looking at it I realized that they were not going to be big enough for a burrito. But I went ahead and made two very full veggie tacos.
(Here will be the picture of the very full tacos in their container.)

For dinner I thought I’d take the remaining veggies from lunch and make a really nice quesadilla.
(Here will be the picture of the other half of the avocado and pepper and the other tomato I got nicely washed.)
Again, I overestimated the size of the tortillas. So I made two small quesadillas full of feta and shredded cheeses along with black olives (canned but still good), pepper, and tomato. I ended up not using the rest of the avocado because I thought it’d be too much. They turned out really well though.
(Here will be the picture of the finished quesadillas.)

Yet another Meatless Thursday down and more lessons learned. Whole Foods sells great whole wheat tortillas for tacos, not quesadillas or burritos. I bought some flour tortillas at Wal-Mart when we went grocery shopping this week. Burrito size! Definately big enough this time!!
(Pictures should be posted soon!)


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