The start of the Quest to make Friday Nights “Whole”

While reading In Defense of Food, a thought came to me. On Fridays at least one friend comes over and we watch either a TV show (Firefly and Invader Zim with breaks for Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica are some previous shows while Babylon 5 and Dollhouse are our current viewing selections) or movies and eat junk and drink beer. It’s a nice relaxing night. Even when I started working on losing weight, it didn’t change Friday Nights. It’s actually good for your body to go “What the hell” and deviate from your diet once a week. Not that you should go out and get bombed and stuff yourself with greasy, bad foods. I still listen to my body and stop eating when I’m full and drink water when I want to.

Anyway. The thought was why not at least try to make the foods we eat on Fridays, but better. Instead of having a DiGiorno or other frozen, already prepared, pizza and potato skins (yes, we’ve been known to have both on one night), I can make them myself. So I decided to start looking around to find out how much of the food we usually chose from to eat on a Friday night can be made from scratch, or much closer to it, instead of buying it prepared and, probably, refined.

Here’s a list of what we usually have around to pick from:
2 pizzas (usually DiGiorno and one is usually stuffed crust or garlic bread crust) with meat
Mozzarella bites (mozzarella wrapped in dough)
TGIFriday’s Loaded Potato Skins
TGIFriday’s Loaded Quesadilla Rolls
Popper’s Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers
Great Value Chicken Breast Chunks (basically bonless wings without any sauce)

Some things leap right out at me to be easily replaced. The pizzas can be made either with bought pizza crusts or, preferably, homemade pizza dough. I don’t know how whole grain I can make it, but I should be able to use whole wheat flour without complaint. Then the toppings and cheese are much fresher and less processed! Taquitos and quesadilla rolls shouldn’t be too hard to do. We’ve made regular quesadillas for Friday night before, so that could just be the rolls’ replacement. And taquitos can’t be that hard to make. And who doesn’t know how to make potato skins? I just haven’t gotten around to trying yet.
But then there are those things like the mozzarella bites and the jalapeno bites that may not be replacable. I think I could at least try breading some fresh mozzarella and frying it up in olive oil. It’s not healthy, but it’s a much less processed replacement. The jalapeno bites and chicken chunks may be the only things that will stay store bought. I know I could probably make the bites myself and just bread up chunks of chicken breast, but I’m not sure. Seeing as I want to slowly start replacing things instead of doing an overhaul all at once, they could be the last things to be replaced.

Well, I think I’m off to a good start! Next step is going to be finding recipes and actually getting these things made. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear them!


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