350.org and the International Day of Climate Action

Tomorrow is the International Day of Climate Action, as I mentioned before. But I’m sure you’re wondering what it is. It has been organized by the people at 350.org to help raise awareness and show politicians that we support measures that help the environment and get them to adopt the 350 ppm goal.

350 parts per million (ppm) is the proven safe limit of carbon in the air to avoid a “climate tipping point”. Right now it’s at 389 ppm. It went over the limit of 350 back in 1989. It’s been 10 years and it’s increased by 39 ppm! This number (350) is where they get the number for their name. Just because we’re over that number, doesn’t mean we’re doomed. We just need to get it under control. The first step is to keep it from rising, then we start helping it get back down.

According to the Wikipedia entry, as of the 19th “almost 2,500 events had been registered in 152 countries”. So there is probably an event going on near you. Go find one! Or start your own. Go for a bike ride instead of sitting around. Take a walk to do some errands instead of using your car!

Unfortunately, I won’t be doing much tomorrow. My main contribution is this. I have my Bridal Shower tomorrow, which is about 2 hours away. Luckily I do have my wonderful car, Hiiro-Chan. She gets 36 mpg on average, 40 on long trips like this. And she’s a low-emissions vehicle. I am hoping that my bridesmaid and her husband and their son (in his carseat) can all fit into my car so we can take one car instead of them following in their RAV4. I’m not holding my breath because two adults and the carseat barely fit in their vehicle. It really does bug me that we probably won’t be taking one vehicle on a day when we’re trying to get the leaders of the world to work together to help the climate.

So get out there and do something tomorrow to show support for climate change legislation so we can get this under control before it really gets away from us.

Join me at www.350.org


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