Meatless Thursdays, October 15 & 22

I’m sorry I haven’t updated about Meatless Thurdays, but last week wasn’t all that creative and it’s been really busy around here. Although I am tempted to start eating meatless on other days at lunch. There are times it just feels so good to not have any meat!

Last Thursday (10/15) I decided to keep it simple for lunch. I made up an egg salad sandwich for lunch. My plan for dinner was to make a veggie pizza using a pre-made pizza crust, olive oil, veggies, and fresh mozzarella. I couldn’t find a pizza crust so I got some whole wheat flatbread instead. Then my fiance calls to tell me he’ll be home for dinner and would like to eat together. He took my meatlessness into account and suggested Chipotle. Isn’t he great?! He likes his meat, but respects my decision to not have it once a week. So we grab some Chipotle, vegetarian burrito bol for me and a steak burrito for him. Two great things about getting vegetarian at Chipotle: 1) it’s one of the cheapest options (along with the chicken) and 2) the guacamole! One of these days I’m going to figure out their recipe. They make the best guacamole ever!!! That’s if you like guacamole, that is.

Yesterday was simple but delicious. On Wednesday I made a quick trip to Whole Foods to get some supplies and get food for Thursday. I decided to go with soup. I have been wanting butternut sqush soup for weeks. But the only kind they had was low-fat, and I avoid that phrase like the plague. So I picked up two cans of their 365 Everyday Value brand, Cream of Mushroom for lunch and Tomato for dinner. Neither was condensed, which is a first for me regarding those types of soups.
The Cream of Mushroom is the best I’ve ever had. It had big slices of mushrooms, chunks of carrots, pieces of onion, and herbs all floating in a wonderful base. I warmed up one of the flatbreads in the microwave, which was sooooo good, and finished it all off with a fruit leather. I am never buying condensed Cream of Mushroom again for any reason other than casseroles. My fiance hates mushrooms and only allows the condensed to be used if the pieces are small enough. :S
The Tomato was amazing. The chunks of tomato, pieces of onion, and herbs were all in a wonderful, savory base, that had a bit of a kick to it. It was a great soup for dinner. I rounded out the meal with another flatbread, topped with fresh mozzarella and olive oil, and a salad of organic baby greens and feta topped with lemon juice and olive oil. It was a very satisfying meal. And I am never buying condensed Tomato soup again unless I need watered-down tomato paste.

It’s so wonderful how Meatless Thursdays are expanding my cupboard and my recipes! Anyone else going meatless once a week?


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