Seeking out recipes for The Quest

I have always enjoyed cooking from a recipe. But since I’ve been trying to be greener and more natural, recipes are almost a must. My fiance still likes to pick up frozen dinners and other heat-and-eat foods, but I like to keep them as a last resort for a busy night. So I’m constantly trying to find good recipes to use in my cooking. My desire to make Friday Nights more “whole” has inspired me to search out new recipes. There are a couple of places that I have been using, so I naturally looked there first. I decided to use jalapeno poppers and mozzarella sticks as the recipes to look for. is a site I’ve been using for years. It’s mainly recipes submitted by the users with a few from companies (like Campbell’s and Pillsbury). I’ve always found this site great because people from all over the world submit recipes. There are recipes that are generations old and are made from scratch as well as recipes just created with ingredients that simply need to be combined to make the dish. This is a major resource. I’ve already got some made from scratch pizza crust recipes in my recipe box. And after a quick search, I’ve already found recipes for jalapeno bites and mozzarella sticks!

On SparkPeople they have SparkRecipes. The recipes are either member or staff submitted. Unfortunately a lot of them have low-fat or low-something else substitutions that I don’t use. It’s been shown that fat is not the enemy, yet people keep using low-fat stuff. That’s the only drawback I’ve found to using it so far. Unfortunately, I can find recipes for neither. There are plenty of recipes for stuffed jalapenos, but that’s not what I’m looking for. Likewise, plenty of recipes for mozzarella snacks but not mozzarella sticks. So I guess I’ll just stick to meals for this site.

Now, while I have an account over at Whole Food’s website, I haven’t really looked at the recipes until now. They have a great selection of recipes, but a lot of them involve buying already prepared items, like pizza crusts, and combining them to make dishes. They have no recipes for mozzarella sticks or jalapeno bites. They do have a lot of pizza recipes that involve pre-made crusts, but it’s easy to replace that with homemade crust. And they do have quesadilla recipes like crazy. So they might be useful on the Quest.

It seems that typing “recipes” into Google gives you a good selection of sites. Let’s see if they work for my Quest.

Food Network has a bunch of recipes on their site. And it’s not just stuff they have on TV. Anyone can add one. They’ve got a decent recipe for both. They both happen to be from Food Network stars, but they look like they’d do the trick. It looks like a really extensive site and is definately worth a look.

Recipezaar is a site I’ve only been to once to check out the recipe that’s up on the bookmarks for homemade ‘OxyClean’. I think it’s worth a shot for food recipes. It seems to be similar to
Well, I got plenty of results for jalapeno poppers and most of them seem to be what I’m looking for. Same thing for the mozzarella sticks. Definately worth further investigation.

RecipeSource seems to be a very extensive recipe site, but will it work for the Quest? Nope. It might be worth looking into for other recipes, but there aren’t any mozzarella stick recipes and only 2 of the 5 poppers recipes actually had measurements for the ingredients.

Epicurious gets added to the “Looks great but isn’t useful for this” list. It’s more for gourmet and fine dining rather than what I need right now. has an interesting recipe for the poppers, wrapping them in wonton wrappers and deep-frying. I’d probably try it by baking instead. But no luck on the mozzarella sticks. At least that recipe is getting tried! might work for some people and for other foods. But it’s definately not for me or Friday Nights. is the last one on the list. Let’s hope that it has some good possibilities. …nope. This is a great place to go if you’re looking for a recipe from a magazine, but not for food like I need.

Well, that’s given me a good place to start from. Now I just need to start working on being able to make this stuff. I may keep most of this list around for future uses. Some of them look like great sites, just not for party food.


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