Meatless Thursday, November 12

Despite last week’s setback, I’m back on track! Wednesday I stopped by W-M after work to pick up a couple of things. My fiance managed to get whatever I had but wasn’t dealing with it as well and was sick all day. I called before leaving work to check on him and when asked, he told me he would like some saltines as we were out. So since W-M is much closer than Whole Foods and my wallet really couldn’t afford another stop, and he’d possibly complain about the saltines I’d get there, W-M was the easier choice. While talking with him and asking if he wanted me to pick up some soup, my stomach decided to chime in and say soup really sounded good. So I decided to pick up some soup for dinner that night (Campbell’s Select Harvest Chicken Noodle) and some for Thursday (Amy’s Kitchen Chunky Tomato Bisque). I also picked up a loaf of bread to have with the soups.
Fast forward to Thursday. I was getting tired of using plastic ware at work and taking it home to be recycled, so in addition to my bowl I brought a spoon from work. I had no waste from my lunch outside of the paper towel that I used as much as I could. It covered the bowl in the microwave so the soup wouldn’t spatter everywhere. Then it helped clean the can up a bit. Finally it was my napkin. I figure if it’s something that I can’t reuse or recycle, I’ll just use it as much as possible! I ended up not finishing the bread, so it’s wrapper was used to bring it back home. And the wrapper from my fruit leather and the soup can are recycleable. I love it when I can do this for lunch!

(insert picture of lunch here, tonight)

Dinner was up in the air. We met with our DJ for the wedding to go over details at The Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe. Add into it that the fiance still wasn’t fully recovered. We weren’t sure if we’d be eating there, which would mean meatless appetizers or a salad, or if we’d pick up something on the way home, Chipotle or Subway. It ended up being the latter. We went to Subway as that sounded better to him and my wallet. I ended up getting my favorite, the footlong Veggie Delite on Honey Oat. Unfortunately their cooler where the veggies are kept was a bit too cold and the cucumbers got frostbite. But I was still able to get provolone cheese, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, black olives, and red wine vinaigrette. I didn’t bother with a picture as it was simply a sub. But it was still another great meatless day! I’m so loving this!!!


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