Meatless Thursday November 26 and December 3

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. As I mentioned before, I didn’t go completely meatless on Thanksgiving. But dinner was the only time I had any meat, and I didn’t have a lot of it either. On the way up to my grandmother’s we stopped for a bathroom break and got something to snack on. I got a great green smoothie that I need to find again! It had all sorts of fruits and some veggies and herbs in it. I was getting over a cold and my nose was running like crazy. Since I drank that, it’s gotten a ton better! I may try making my own when I get the chance.

Today is the day before the wedding. Tonight is the rehearsal dinner at BD’s Mongolian Grill. And while they have great vegetarian options, I’m probably going to get meat. We don’t go that often, and it’s just sooo good. Also it’s my rehearsal dinner, I want to enjoy myself. But, for lunch I’m going to stop at Chipotle and get some vegetarian soft tacos. So between today and last Thursday I’ve got a whole Meatless Thursday! Yay!! Things should get back to normal for the next two weeks. And who knows, I may go meatless on Christmas Eve on our Honeymoon too. 🙂


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