Happy happy…oh. Shoot.

I was reading through my friends page on LiveJournal and saw an article posted in the Natural Living community. It’s about high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and the first study conducted with humans, not lab rats.
I got all excited because the original poster said that it’s finally official that HFCS is bad for you. I pulled up the article in another tab and went to look at the comments. Most of the commenters were pointing out flaws in the article. So I took a look at the article and found some of the errors right away. They are focusing more on fructose in general, not HFCS. In case you didn’t know, fructose is simply sugar that comes from many fruits and vegetables. We are constantly consuming fructose, in small amounts, and not gaining weight because of it.
To me, the thing about HFCS that I don’t like is the “high” part. Sweeteners are fine, in small quanitites. Really anything is fine in small quanitites. The fact that it’s “high fructose” and is usually in the top five ingredients when it’s used means a lot of sweetener is being used. I’m hoping that eventually there will be a study that shows this and food won’t be laden with it anymore. Until then, I’m just avoiding it as much as possible.


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