Meatless Thursday, December 17

Today is going a little differently than planned, but it’s still meatless!
I had packed my final rice noodle bowl for lunch and was going to have some vegetable egg rolls for dinner. Then, while talking with my husband :), I was told that my presence has been requested tonight at their Thursday night movie group. I was going to do some finishing shopping at Wal-Mart for the honeymoon after work.
Instead I ran up to Wal-Mart at lunch and grabbed a footlong veggie sub from Subway for lunch so I can go tonight. Luckily, they go to a Mexican restaurant that has great cheese enchaladas. So I’ll have those for dinner and be fine and have a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, that means all the rest of the packing and cleaning will have to be done tomorrow before we leave. Oh well, at least we get to have a quasi-date before going on our Honeymoon!


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