Meatless Thursday, January 7, 2010

So I finally did the first Meatless Thursday of the new year! Since New Year’s Eve was a Thursday I knew it wasn’t going to happen. But I managed to pull it off yesterday!
I say pull it off because I am running low on meatless options at home. Lunch was simple: tomato soup, fruit leather, cheddar cheese curds, and water. But with all the snow and clouds and cold outside, it was a perfect meal.
Dinner took some thinking. I was thinking toasted cheese sandwiches and more soup. But I knew DH (darling husband) would be home and I didn’t have soup he’d want to eat. Or bread for that matter. So that was out. Then it hit me. He came home, I checked with him and he liked it. I had mashed potatoes loaded with sour cream, quesadilla cheese (it’s what we had shredded), and feta cheese, and a salad. He had plain mashed potatoes and a 1/3 lb angus beef patty. We both had California vegetables and garlic bread. The only reason he didn’t also have a salad was he’s out of dressing. I ended up not being able to eat everything, it was so filling! I’m just proud of myself to come up with dinner for the both of us with little separation.


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