Green Holiday: Everything else

Since everyone’s been given their gifts, I can go into detail about how much fun I had giving gifts this year.
First off there were the Feed 100 bags. Whole Foods had them for $10 each before the holidays. I decided to get them instead of using wrapping paper or gift bags. Why not make the wrapping to the present part of the present?! So the bag itself had multiple positives, not the least of which is each bag provides 100 meals to kids in Rwanda! There’s also the fact that it’s an awesome reusable bag made from organic cotton and folds up into the base. My family and hubby’s mom (his dad doesn’t really do much shopping and thus doesn’t need the bag) love them. Mom was really exicted about it because her reusable bag that folds up into a little pouch has developed a slight issue. The snap’s broken. I’m pretty sure she’s still using it, but it doesn’t stay in the pouch all that well. So they’re all happy to have reusable bags that are store neutral (there’s only a small Whole Foods logo on it) and are very portable.

Second there were media bought from Half-Price Books and the Blockbuster that was closing. Both our dads got a book we found at HPB by an author they both love. My parents each got movies that were “already viewed”, former rentals, that they both have wanted. It’s so wonderful to be able to buy used movies and books and music instead of going out to buy it brand new and pay a lot more.

Third there were the candles! Everyone loves their candles. On top of that, they all were impressed that I made them. Luckily no one’s disappointed that they’re soy wax and beeswax. My wonderful mother-in-law even said that she loves soy wax candles. It’s always a good feeling to have people love things that you took the time and effort to make for them. There’s something special about giving someone something that you make rather than just going out to buy. I just hope I can come up with something for next year. I think this might be a new tradition, making one part of their holiday gift. I like that idea. 🙂


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