Finished! Love Hina Volume 1

The third, and final, book I got done on Saturday. Yes, it’s not that big of a deal since I finished one book and read two manga. But it was still great to get so much read!
In college a friend had all of the Love Hina anime and I watched some of the first episodes. I loved it. I wanted to get the anime, but the manga is definately cheaper. So after having the first few books for a couple of years, I finally started it.

This is a great story and the anime seems to have been faithful, at least what I’ve seen. The main character, Keitaro Urashima, is a second year ronin, someone who’s out of high school and is studying to retake their failed enterance exam. He’s failed the Tokyo University test twice. So he goes to his grandma’s hotel to live and study. He gets there only to find, after some interesting incidents, that it’s been turned into a girls’ dorm.
There’s five girls living there, who all are very different and are a wide range of ages. They put him through hell to let him stay. But he does everything without complaining in front of them because he doesn’t want to go back to his parents and live with their disappointment. It’s a great book. Oh, and the place has a wonderful hot spring that he’s banned from using, but interesting and hilarious things ensue because of it.

Winter Book Challenge: Read a book that makes you think of the beach or of warmer weather


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