Book Haul: Barnes and Noble After Holiday Sale

Over on The Nest Book Club, everyone kept talking about this awesome sale over at Barnes and Noble. They had all sorts of books on sale for $3.99 and everything else was at least member price or cheaper. I broke down and went and looked. I figured I could get 10 books for $40. Eventually I had found 9 that looked really good and figured that’d be enough so I wouldn’t go over $40 much with shipping and tax. I looked at my budget, decided some of the money I had set aside for scrapbooking could be used for books instead. I was very happy to find out that shipping was free!! So I ordered them. It felt so good to get new books again. And they’re all books I’ve never read before or even heard of. I’m so proud of myself.

Wednesday the first box came!! 8 of the 9 were shipped together,the last was delayed for some reason. The last one came Thursday. It’s strange having this new pile of books and no idea where to start. I’d love to start in on Up Till Now, Shatner’s autobiography. But it doesn’t fit into the WBC as far as I can tell. I may save it for when I’m almost done with the WBC and still have time before it’s done. I think I’m just going to pick one to read and then figure out where in the challenge it fits instead of the other way around. Hopefully I’ll have Finished! posts up about them soon. I need to start a new “at home” book and I’m almost done with My Boring-Ass Life, so I’ll need an “at work” book as well. 🙂 I just wanted to share in the fun!!

Anyway, here’s the books! The Rest of Her Life, Up Till Now, Maggie Needs an Alibi, Maggie by the Book, Maggie without a Clue, The Witch’s Trinity, Karma Girl, Mistress, Lost and Found

Original prices ranged from $26 to $14. I couldn’t have done better at Half-Price Books!!


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