Finished! The Reluctant Tuscan

My love of travel writing books started with my English 101 class in college. We had to read A Year in Provence. As much as I love to read, I hate to have to read a book. So I’d read enough to get through class, but didn’t really sit and read it. I did like it, so I decided to keep it. When I reread it, it started my love of tavel books about people moving to another country and renovating a home.

I picked up The Reluctant Tuscan because it looked interesting and fit into the travel/renovation style I love. My only regret is not reading it sooner! This book is a big change from Frances Mayes’ and Peter Mayle’s books in one big way. This time the author is “dragged kicking and screaming” into Italy by his wife instead of the both of them wanting the move. But eventually he realizes how much he enjoys living there and gets in touch with his inner Italian.

When I read books about living in Italy, I really wonder if I’ve got some inner Italian that’s trying to break free. Every time I read one I want to start making hearty pasta dishes and plant a garden to have fresh vegetables and herbs at my fingertips. Who knows, one of these days I might have a nice, Italian garden. But that won’t be for a while.

Winter Book Challenge: Read two books set on different sides of the country or the world (2nd book)

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