Sock Dreams

Sock Dreams is an awesome website that has tons of unique socks. Including a ton of eco-friendly socks. I had read about the site on Bonzai Aphrodite and gave in and looked. At first I simply drooled over the socks and wished I had the money to buy them.
So last week I went again and looked just at their eco-friendly selection. I broke. I gave in and bought some. I’ll probably buy more later, but this was all I could afford for now.

I can’t wait to try some of these out! They all have over 50% recycled cotton in them. I wore the white Super Basics to work and they decided to scrunch all on their own. I may invest in a garter belt and probably some sock garters just to have all my bases covered. I’m also looking forward to getting some leggings, mainly these. There’s just so much awesome stuff there. I’m so glad I checked it out!


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