This commercial is really driving me nuts!

Has anyone else heard those commercials for Your Baby Can Read on the radio? I have heard it almost every morning this week, and it’s really annoying me!

Now, I’m all for children knowing how to read and having the skills to get far in life. But this commerical just advocates plopping your child down in front of it and doing nothing else. I know there’s other, interactive tools in the program. They just aren’t mentioned in the commercial. They’re all about giving your child a skill they can use for the rest of their life. That is what bothers me so much.

Reading isn’t just a skill. Reading is a love, a hobby. It’s fun and entertaining and educational. But in addition to using the program, you should read with your kids! My mom never used any programs with me and I was always reading levels ahead of my grade. She read with and to me when I was young. After I got old enough to read on my own, she kept encouraging reading by getting me a little reading light so I could read before bed without keeping my sister up. Just plopping your kid down in front of the TV or computer isn’t going to give them a love of reading, it’ll just teach them how to read.


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