Finished! Doomwyte

I just finished Doomwyte, the twentieth book in the Redwall series. Right now it’s the only one I don’t own. Obviously I love the series. Every book follows a simliar formula, but is always a great story.

This time the Redwallers and the evil don’t have much to do with each other for a while. Korvus Skurr, leader of the Doomwytes, wants to restore the eyes to the Doomwyte idol and lead his flock of carrion birds into a great new age. A passing bird evesdrops and hears a story told by a young Redwaller, Bisky, regarding the jewel eyes. This starts everything into motion.
Skurr tries to find out information by trying to have a Redwaller kidnapped. The stupid birds try to take a Dibbun (basically a toddler) who wouldn’t know anything of the story. Without knowing that someone else is interested in the jewels, a small group starts to work on finding them. From there more adventures ensue, friends and enemies are met, and finally the final confrontation occurs with… no, I won’t spill the ending. 😉

It is a wonderful book as usual. It’s interesting to see how many little changes have occured over the series. For a while there was at least one character that was around in the previous book. Now we’re lucky to get a name mentioned in passing. This one deals with a character from way back in the beginning of the history of Redwall Abbey. Other little differences are there, but make sense as many seasons have passed since the first Redwall book was written. It’s still as good as ever and I am really looking forward to the next book!

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SPOILERS PAST THIS POINT!!You have been forewarned!

I was so happy to see more of Gonff’s past filled in. There’s not really much mention of him outside of any book that also has Martin involved. I love how he hid the jewels away but left clues as to their location.

One thing that surpised me was how the big evil didn’t come banging on the door demanding them like usual. It’s a good difference. It was almost becoming predictable as to how the books would go. It is sorta sad that in the 20th book he starts to make these changes, but it’s definately keeping my interest in the series. I did like how they decided to find the eyes on their own not knowing that Skurr was wanting them back. They simply knew that there were some evil birds out there that kept trying to attack the abbey.

The end held the biggest twist in the Rewall universe. I don’t think to this date there has ever been a married Abbot or Abbesss. They usually come from the brothers and sisters of the abbey, not the married inhabitants. It’ll be interesting to see if he mentions it at all in the next book.

But when I stop and think about it, it does make sense. It’s been how many seasons since the abbey was founded? Over time things change and also depending on who is there at the time, you may not be able to chose a brother or sister to be in charge.


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