“I am not a paper cup…” owner!!

I had seen the “I am not a paper cup…” at ReusableBags.com many times. Many times I have been really tempted to get one. So imagine my surprise to find it on sale at Whole Foods. I considered it for about 5 seconds before getting one. I am so excited to have one!! I don’t do coffee shops, but I do like to drink tea and have been looking for a way to bring a cup with me to work. Now I don’t have to wait!

I was so excited that I knitted up a little sleeve for it. It’s over here at my craft blog. Hopefully it will work well and allow me to have a nice cup of hot green tea every morning at work. I’m probably going to have fun making sleeves for this little beauty, so keep an eye on Big Damn Crafter (the aforementioned blog) for more. 😉


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