The New Winter Coat

Almost five years ago a friend gave me one of his extra Desert BDU jackets after returning from deployment in Iraq. He gave it to me with one condition, I had to make it my own. So I did. Unfortunately it’s not a winter coat. I love wearing it and would throw a sweatshirt on underneath to stay warm, but I needed a true winter coat. So I finally went down to the Army Navy store and bought myself a M81 Woodland winter coat.

My immediate thought was I need to make this one my own. So I started to think of places to look for patches. Eventually my geek side took over and I came up with the first batch of patches.

I have the two Stargate patches already. All of the round patches are going to be on velcro so I can change out what goes on the shoulder. The rest will be lined up on the back. The Doctor Who patch is going where a name patch would go. I’m thinking of getting other patches and simply sewing them on as I get them. The point of sticking with round, when I can, is so I’d be showing off how “well-rounded” a geek I am. Pun totally intended. Progress will be documented as it happens.


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