Baking soda and vinegar rock!

Our bathroom drain had been running slowly lately. When we went grocery shopping, hubby wanted to pick up some Draino to clear it up. I always responded to that with a depressed “Okay”. After the third time he asked if I had any other suggestions. The instant the last sound passed his lips I said “Baking soda and vinegar”. He looked at me strangely as I explained that you simply put the baking soda down the drain, pour the vinegar in afterwards, and quickly put your hand over the drain to force that wonderful fizzy reaction down towards the clog. This clears it out without adding any nasty chemicals to the water system. He was willing to let me try.
So we get home and that night I took care of things. I put a bunch of baking soda down there and then poured in as much vinegar as I could before it really started in. I threw my hand down to seal it up and let it go for 2 or 3 minutes when I was sure it was done fizzing. Then I turned the hot water on full tilt, which I rarely do, and let it wash everything down. It worked like a dream! It runs beautifully now, and all without the harsh Draino!!! Yay! Just remember it the next time you have a slow drain, you don’t need nasty chemicals. Just baking soda and white vinegar!


2 thoughts on “Baking soda and vinegar rock!

  1. Baking soda and white vinegar rule! Way to go–looks like you have a lot of blogs. Thanks for visiting Lake Superior Spirit yesterday. And good luck blogging, Kathy

    1. Yeah. I’ve sorta gotten addicted to blogging. Lake Superior Spirit looks like an interesting blog. It was a really great article with some very useful tips. Good luck to you too!

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