Finished! The Hound of the Baskervilles

Years and years ago I had read an abridged version for younger readers. So I thought it would be good to read the unabridged version, despite the fact that I remember not liking it all that much before. But I attribute it to the fact that I was younger and didn’t really like the writing style.

I’m glad I read it. It is much better than I remember. Although my mind kept trying to remember things instead of letting me just read the book. That did impede on my ability to be completely absorbed by the book. I did find myself trying to figure things out before they did, but that was just fun. Overall it was a very good read. I may even go and read more of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories.

I do want to find out is if the Mershon pipe is ever expressly mentioned in any of the books. I realize I could simply look it up on Wikipedia, but it’s more fun this way. I did run across one thing that I was able to throw my husband with. He had commented after we saw Sherlock Holmes about the Holmes’ use of a clay pipe. That is specifically referred to in the book. It is always fun to point things like that out to my husband, since it doesn’t happen very often. Luckily my mental images of Holmes and Watson were not colored by the movie.

The one thing that threw me the most about the book is who was the narrator. I thought that they were told in third person. But this one is narrated by Watson. I figured it wasn’t going to be from Holmes’ perspective. It was a nice suprise though, and really lent itself to the story.

Spoilery things contained in the following paragraphs.

There were two things I had figured out before they were revealed in the book. The first was the identity of the second person out on the moor. Once it was mentioned that a young boy was running food and such out to that person, I knew that it was Holmes. I’m glad that I read The Final Solution before this because the Old Man (Holmes) makes a comment about how useful young boys were in his day. I was very happy to see I had deduced correctly.
The other was that someone was a Baskerville in hiding. I did not guess that it was Stapleton until the ruse of having his wife claim to be his sister was revealed. At that point things started to come together and I thought he might have been it. Again, I was very pleased to see that I was correct.

Now that I find myself writing like I am Dr. Watson, I shall leave you with your thoughts and hope that you may pick up the book as well.

Winter Book Challenge: Read a Classic and a spinoff/sequel to that classic by another author (the Classic)


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