Finished! The Silver Chair

I am so glad I am reading this series. I had been wanting to read it since I was in junior high. But the fact that most people think of it as a Classic put me off of reading it enough that I only started reading seriously before the first movie came out. Now I’ve finally finished the fourth book and am over halfway through the series. I can’t wait to read the next one!

It was a little strange to not have any of the Pevensies in this one. But there is Eustace. I like how there’s at least one character to anchor you to the previous book. The beginning was great. It took me a while, actually they were in Narnia, before I realized where they had come to through the door. I couldn’t believe they landed in Aslan’s country! Before now they’d landed in Narnia, or Narnia-related places. Straight to Aslan… wow.
I found it interesting that he took half of the book for them to get to the first sign. Then it all quickly fell into place. I’m noticing that he takes a while to get to that first main thing and then all the rest happens rather quickly. I can’t help but wonder if he had bigger ideas or they just worked that way. I love how they were all worried about messing up the signs but got them in the end. Well, except for Eustace talking to Caspian before he left.
That was one thing that bugged me. Eustace’s attitude when he first got to Narnia. He seemed to be a changed kid back in our world. Then when he got to Narnia he became the annoying sod he was before. I wonder why he did that.

In the end it was another great book in the series. Luckily The Horse and His Boy is on my SBC list and will probably be one of the first read. Yay!

Winter Book Challenge: Read a book with a circle or any other shape on the cover


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