Reading right now: Under the Tuscan Sun

I just started Under the Tuscan Sun today for the WBC. Oh how do I love these books! Thanks to Frances Mayes and Peter Mayle, if I ever get the money, I’d love to live in Tuscany or Provence.

It’s like taking a vacation without ever leaving. I’m sitting there reading the book and devouring it with my eyes. Her writing is so descriptive, I can see Bramasole in my mind and the surrounding area.

It makes me wish I had my own place. I’d have a room to myself and make it my Tuscany room. It would be painted a soft terra cotta color, maybe even textured, and have wrought iron curtain rods with thin, flowing, linen curtains hanging from them. I’d have all of my craft supplies, my travel books, maybe a few other books, my comic books, and a table for doing crafts on. I’d have a place for all the pillows I want to make from old sweatshirts and t-shirts and the t-shirt quilt I’m planning to make. These books always put me in a decorating mood. I love them!

When I’m done the hard part isn’t going to be the cooking, it’s going to be figuring what I’m going to cook from what I want to cook!


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