My green desk

I’m sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been trying to get birthday presents done and read and this has sorta gotten neglected. I’m sorry! I will be working harder to keep this more interesting than it’s been lately. And with that….

When I first brought my “I am not a paper cup…” in to work, it really hit me how much green and natural stuff I’ve got there.
By my computer I keep my Klean Kanteen, of which I have two, with the water for the day. Then there’s my cup with it’s green tea and homemade sleeve. To finish it off I have my Eco Nation speakers for my iPod since I can’t use my headphones anymore (safety issue). They’re made from post-consumer recycled plastic and can fold flat. And they’re great speakers. I’m almost tempted to get a set for at home. But I’m leaning towards a dock so I can recharge the iPod overnight while it’s going.

Then there’s the food. Of course I have my wonderful Back to Nature crackers. But I also have dried cranberries and 73% dark chocolate from Whole Foods. I also have 365 Organic Blueberry Fig Bars to keep those cookie cravings away. Lunch is always toted in the Better Bag and I try to use as little packaging as possible and recycle the rest.
It’s so nice to look around and see my greenness spreading into my work. 🙂


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