I Love Drinking Naked!

Back on Thanksgiving I had mentioned I picked up this awesome green smothie that I wanted to find. Well, I bothered to look around at Whole Foods and found it! They had them on sale so I picked up two and took them with me to work to get me through the afternoon. I totally am in love with Naked Juice now. They have at least a few servings of fruit in each one depending on what you pick up. There’s a whole ton of different ones so there’s got to be one you’ll like.

Just yesterday I had to get a couple of things from Whole Foods and decided to go at lunch. I picked up a Blue Machine and a blueberry scone and that was my lunch. 5 or 6 servings of fruit in just that one bottle! Tons of vitamins and other good things for you. And it tastes wonderful. I’m slowly working my way through the different ones as they appeal to me and I can afford it. They’re not cheap, but boy are they worth it. When I had the green one, I noticed this on the side and realized that it was almost my train of thought when I had my first one:


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