Finished! Under the Tuscan Sun

I love this book! It seems like I leave enough time in between readings that it feels like a different book every time. It always makes me want to work on our own place, but we never can. This time through I have planned out my room. My husband has said when we get our own place I am going to have my own room to do all my crafting in. It seems to be annoying him that I have a knitting basket and knit while I watch TV. But I want to have light linen curtains hanging from an iron curtain rod in the window. I’d have all my books, the movies he never wants to watch, my desk, a table to do all the crafting at, craft supplies, and a corner full of pillows and a blanket where I can curl up and read.

But anyway. She is such a wonderful writer. I can visualize the house and the rooms and Cortona while I’m reading. It’s like taking a trip to Tuscany without leaving the house. So wonderful.

I did watch the movie the other day and noticed little bits of the book in there that I never noticed before. I don’t think I’d ever watched the book so close to or while reading the book before. There are little things, like the string of contrators. That was almost straight from the book. The washer getting electified happened a little early in the movie, but did happen in the book. But sadly I realized that they took this amazing book and turned it into a chick flick that barely resembles the book it’s based on. I’m not sure how much more I’m going to watch the movie after this. I always managed to keep the two separate, but this time I lost a lot of respect for the movie. The book is so much better!

Winter Book Challenge: Read a non-fiction book about travel and either cook a meal based on what you read


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