Let the chaos begin!

Today is April 1st. That means the Spring Book Challenge has begun! I actually started a couple of books for it yesterday, but since I wasn’t halfway through either, they still count.

The header is going to get an update with all the books I have. I forgot a couple in the current one and I also bought another 5 from Half.com since then. It’s quite the impressive stack. It’s also a little depressing that I’ve got that many books in the house that I haven’t read. Actually there are entire bookcases worth but that’s for another time…

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it seems appropriate to mention one last time. My goal is to finish all 36 books. It would be nice to finish in the top five and get to set a 25 pt challenge, but finishing at all would be amazing! I didn’t do too bad with the Winter challenge. I got 24 of the books read and ended with 240 out of the possible 425 points.

My gameplan is to constantly be listening to audiobooks in the car, 5 of them are audiobooks. I am also going to try to read as much as I can quickly so I can allow myself a little leeway for later in the challenge. I’ve figured if I read 12 books a month I’ll be good. But I’m planning on getting 6 of the books read before Monday, the 2 graphic novels and 4 manga. So that gets me halfway through what I’d have to get read for this month in the first 3 days (I know I’m not getting anything read on Sunday). I’m hoping that the current audiobook will be done fairly soon since it’s only 4 discs and I started disc 2 today. I’ll probably listen to it when I’m cleaning my car on Saturday. Then I’ll move on to some of the books that I’ll probably fly through, like the next two books in The Chronicles of Narnia. From there, I’m not sure, but I’ll hopefully be back to two books going at a time.

I love this. I love having a stack of books set aside that I know I’m going to read in the next three months. Last night hubby looked at the book he’s reading and said he’s got no idea what to read next. It felt so good to know that my reading selections are taken care of for the next three months. Also it keeps me on track for getting 100 books read this year. I’m 1/4 of the way there already, here’s to the next 3/4 flying by!


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