Brocaded dreams

Back in 2007 I made myself a Kaylee costume for Halloween. It was mainly slightly modifying a jumpsuit and ironing on patches. But I also made up a jacket similar to the one she wore in the first episode, Serenity. If you want to see it, I’ve got it up on my profile. I fell in love with brocade at that point.

I bought some in a nice pattern to make into another jacket in the same style, but I was in a rush and sorta screwed up the sleeves meeting the shoulders. I still have it and will probably fix it at some point.

For a “Gods and Goddesses” party a couple of summers ago I finally made myself a kimono. Actually I made myself two kimonos and the kosode. One of the kimonos and the kosode were of fairly cheap fabric and they were held shut by the belt. The other kimono was, you guessed it, brocade (in a pattern like the one in the picture). I love that costume. It's proved to be very handy, but it's also quite warm and a bit awkward. Again, it's up over at the profile.

But, the point of all this is that I have some ideas for more. I have some at home from an abandoned project that is a beautiful red with gold flowers on it (just like the pic). I’m thinking of making it into a simple wrap and maybe adding some fringe to the end. I think it would look stunning with the right dress.
I also want to make a Chinese-style dress. But this would only have brocade on the front. The rest of the dress would be a silky fabric that matches the background. I think it would look amazing.
Just today I was thinking about how I love my shrug and would really like a couple more. Then it hit me, a brocade shrug would be so beautiful! It would really dress up a cami and jeans or a simple dress. And it would help expand my wardrobe options.

I’m not going to start looking for patterns or fabrics for the last two ideas until my to finish/do craft list is done. It is so long right now. But you’ll be the first to know when I start tackling it!


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