Have you been watching?

If you’re like me and don’t watch much TV, let alone ABC, you may not know about the amazing show they have on Friday nights. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is amazing! I had seen someone talk about it in a post somewhere and I just had to watch it. The fact that it’s on Hulu after it’s on Friday night helps a lot.

Jamie Oliver is also known as The Naked Chef. He is all about using whole foods and eating healthy. In England he started an overhaul of school lunches starting in just one school. He cooked healthy meals and used locally grown food in them. Later he worked with an entire town to overhaul their eating habits.

Food Revolution is Jamie in Huntington, West Virginia, trying to show the residents how to eat healthier. Huntington was chosen because according to the CDC it is the unhealthiest city in the United States. He’s hoping that by starting there he might start a food revolution across the United States. He started in the schools. He was allowed to work in just one elementary school cafeteria at first. The school cooks looked at him like he was nuts when he said he could cook healthy, fresh food for the kids without any problem.
After finally gaining success there, he was allowed into one of the high schools. It’s been harder there because they all love their french fries. Also, they have a lot more choices and not many take the healthy choices. But he has a lot of support from the cooks there, which is a wonderful change.

Anyway, I love this show! He has gotten the school higher ups to see that the kids will actually eat the better food. Instead of chicken nuggets, ‘mashed potatoes’, a roll, and a piece of fruit, along with strawberry or chocolate milk (there is white, but not many take it), the kids are eating chicken legs and noodles and salads and yogurt and eating it up!

He went into the classrooms of the younger kids to see what they knew about vegetables. It was horrible. He actually dressed up as a giant pea pod with big peas down the front and no one knew what he was. Depressing. They didn’t know what a tomoato or a potato was. Thankfully one of the teachers also found this disturbing and started teaching them about different vegetables! It’s about this time that things really start to change.

He also goes to vist people in their homes. One family had a counter-top deep fryer and were frying things left and right. There were not fruits or vegetables in sight! Luckily both mom and the middle kid were open to and wanted to change their eating habits. They actually burried the thing in the back yard!

Since he came to town Jamie had been battling the local DJ. This guy thought Jamie was butting in where he didn’t belong and that everyone’d go back to their old eating habits when he left. Well, on Friday’s show they made a bet that Jamie couldn’t get 1000 people to cook a simple dish he taught them in a week. Jamie was doing well, but he wasn’t going to make it. So he took the DJ around to let him see for himself the damage eating all that junk is doing to the community. What really did it was when some of his High School gang and others he’d friended told him about their lives and how obesity has affected their lives. He has completely switched over to Jamie’s side and was even the 1000th person to cook. It was awesome!

You really need to watch this show if you haven’t! Go to Hulu and just type in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and the episodes will be there! Go! Watch! Learn!


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