Meatless Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sorry about the lack of updates. I just either forget to post and then forget what I did for lunch and dinner (since it was so memorable) or it was just a lazy day. But I have still been going meatless on Thursdays.

Today I felt a bit more creative. I had picked up some multi-grain rolls for the hamburgers we had that night. They are amazing! I decided to use one for today’s sandwich. I cut some mozzarella off the roll, sliced a tomato, and threw on a small heap of alfalfa sprouts. Then of course the usual fruit leather and small Naked Green Machine to finish things off. It was the best sandwich I have had in ages! The mozzarella was wonderfully mild and provided a good base. The tomatoes and alfalfa were perfect with the cheese and the roll. I felt so good after eating my lunch today.

Wednesday I had to stop at Whole Foods for some salad and feta and let the salad bar taunt me. I got some zucchini, carrots, peppers, broccoli, and white and red quinoa to use for dinner tonight. I heated up some extra virgin olive oil and low sodium soy sauce in the pan. Then the broccoli and peppers got thrown in. I heated them up without losing their crispness. Then the rest went in and go nice and heated. It was wonderful! The only problem was I made too much. But not by much. It’s great that all I had to do was get everything from the salad bar instead of buying all those separate ingredients and have them go bad. I can’t wait to start making more stir-frys, that salad bar is going to be so helpful!


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