A look back at April

I figured that if I managed to read 12 books each month I’d be able to get all 36 in the Spring Book Challenge read. Well, I’ve got 15 read so far and I’m working on two more. 14 books in a month! I still can’t believe it. Granted 4 were manga and 2 were graphic novels, but they’re all over the 100 page minimum. Also when you’re reading those you also take in the artwork, not just the writing.

I can’t believe it! I’ve also already read most of the books I needed to get from the library. I’m thinking of doing Turn Coat and Changes as audiobooks since I’m currently listening to my 4th this month. Also I’m not that confident in getting Changes from the library in time. Of course it helps that I love listening to James Marsters narrate the books. He does such an amazing job!

I have to admit I am worried that I have gotten all of the quick reads done already and my rate is going to slow down. It will help that I’m almost done with another scarf and I’m going to take a couple weeks off from knitting so I can read and relax when I get home instead of having to work on a scarf. That will help if I can either read one book more or read two books at once. I really should just get Turn Coat on my iPod so I can listen to it while I’m working on stuff around the house.

Anyway, 15 books down, 21 to go! Yay books!


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