Currently Reading: Changes

This is going to be so spoilery for the first half of the book. If you don’t mind that much, go right ahead and read. I’ll try not to give too much up. But when you’re as big of a fan as I am and have no one to talk with about it, you have to put it somewhere. 🙂 You’ll probably get tired of seeing exclamation points and words like awesome. But this is a squee post. 0:)

This may take over the #1 spot for me of The Dresden Files. It’s amazing! And when Jim said that it’s title is because there’s lots of changes, he wasn’t kidding. First off, which is mentioned in the jacket of the book, Harry’s a dad. … … OMG! Somehow Susan managed to keep from him that they have a kid. Well now she’s been taken by the Red Court, pissing off her parents. Very. Bad. Idea.

I love how he’s right in the middle of things right off the bat. Normally it takes a bit for things to start piling up on him. This time it starts out crazy and gets worse from there. YAY!

I love who Gard’s boss is. Once Harry said Father Odin I almost started laughing out loud. The one eye, the power, Norway. Just awesome! I can’t wait to find out what those doughnuts and tea do for Harry.

Thomas’ reaction to “You’re an Uncle.” is hilarious. He’s not stupid. But it does take him a couple to realize what Harry meant. Then of course there’s realizing how the curse affects him. I love those two. There are times they don’t seem like they met as adults, you’d think they grew up together.

And of course, the line I’ll know when my hubby has gotten to. “Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.” I laughed at that one and he looked at me. I simply said he’ll know it when he gets to it.

Thus ends the squeeing. Thank you for bearing with me. 😀


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