There’s more to ginger than I thought

I just read this entry on Trehops’s Blog. And looking at her most recent post, I may be adding it to this blog’s Blogroll ::points to the right::. But her entry on ginger has me wanting to stop and get some tonight if I had the time. The fact that it helps with allergies makes me really wish I had some for this weekend.

There is something up at my in-law’s place and at my parent’s place that I am allergic to. I first noticed it while I was in college and wasn’t going home very often. Unlike my slight cat allergy, which a) has been going away with more constant kitty presence, and b) is just the runny nose and itchy eyes thing, this causes interesting breathing issues. At first I thought it was cats but his parents have three, mine only have one, and my reaction was the same in both homes. It’s gotten better at my parents’ since they got an air filter to help my sister with her allergy issues. But, we’re going to the in-laws this weekend and I’ll be on Claritin the entire time just to keep it from hitting me.

I think the next time we go over to see our friends who have cats I’m going to try out the ginger. Obviously I’m going to look into what the best way of taking it to help with allergies is. But I figure if it doesn’t work I’d rather have a runny nose than breathing problems.


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