Is the Food Revolution over?

I know the show ended a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been busy.
I am so glad I watched that show. I think my favorite episode was the last one. After all that fighting to get people eating well, it starts to backslide. But who are his biggest supporters when he returns to try to fix things? His biggest opponents in the beginning! Alice ends up being so helpful in spreading the support for Jamie’s school lunches rather than the processed crap the schools want to serve.

But, back to my question, is the Food Revolution over? I say no! If everyone who watched this show takes something from it and makes a change in their life, then influences a friend or family member to make a change as well, then I say the Revolution is going strong. Keep buying fresh food over processed foods. If you want to save money by packing a lunch, whether for yourself or your kids, make sure it’s a healthy one. There’s no point in packing sugar and starch for either of you just to save a little money. Keep the Revolution alive and strong!