My Life: Diet

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the word diet refers to what you eat overall. Nothing else. With that said, my diet is that of an omnivore. True, at least once a week I am a vegetarian, but I like my meat and cheese and eggs and such. There are three areas of my diet that I would like to cover. In order to keep each post from getting too long, each area will be posted separately.

I was raised fairly aware of what good portions were, what healthy choices were out there, and how to moderate the junk food. That doesn’t mean I always did it.
In college I saw Super Size Me for the first time. It put me off of a lot of fast food for a while. But it didn’t last long. A few years later I bought Morgan Spurlock’s book, Don’t Eat This Book, which put me off of a lot of fast food overall. Including one of my favoites, the Whopper. But, again, I slowly found myself eating fast food again.
Back in April 2009, my size 18 pants were starting to fit. I had bought them because I desparately needed pants and there were no size 16s. I started looking into healtheir ways of eating. Over the course of my learning how to eat again, I was inspired to start this site. But that’s another topic altogether. I also grew much more conscious of what I ate.
The one thing that has made a lasting impact on my diet is In Defense of Food (Parts 1&2, Part 3). Since reading it I have been checking the ingredients list of any food I pick up. “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” has been my mantra when it comes to eating now. In the following posts, I’ll go into how I’ve been putting it into practice and what I want to do to follow it even better.