A Hairy Weekend

This weekend was all about my hair. Well, not all, but mostly. Here’s how it looked on Friday night:

This is how it’s looked for months.

Saturday I got a haircut. It looks wonderful!

I’ve been getting nothing but compliments about it. I love my stylist!

But here’s the change that’s the most fun!

It does look a little more orange in person.

I hennaed my hair! I had read on Bonzai Aphrodite about her experience hennaing her hair and it got me seriously considering it. Then I started reading the comments and found Henna for Hair and started reading about henna. I’d been worried about using it because I know that if the henna isn’t the right purity, it can mess your hair up badly. But luckily they sell body art quality henna, which is very pure and possibly the best to use on your hair.

Henna for Hair RedSo I started to think about getting some to do my hair with. I found out they’re right here in Ohio, so that just made me want to get it from them more. Supporting the local economy is a great thing. I was very surprised and happy when I saw their Ancient Sunrise line at the big Whole Foods in town. I gave in and bought it.

I’m not sure if I mixed it up the best way, but it worked just fine. My hair may not end up as dark as I was hoping, but at least it’s red. The henna actually penetrates the hair instead of simply coating it, and works with the hair. It also takes a few days for it to darken to it’s final color. I’ll post a pic of the darker hair at the end of the week. But I recommend henna for anyone who wants their hair to be colored red. Ancient Sunrise has a whole range of colors, but there are other herbs and natural things to make the hair color blonde, brown, or black instead of red. Pure henna simply makes your hair red, which is fine with me!

If you’re curious at all about henna, go check out the Henna for Hair website. They have all sorts of information that explains how henna works with your hair and different ways of mixing it up to get different shades. Very informative site, which is why it’s up in the Hot Links. I would recommend Ancient Sunrise to anyone who wants to color their hair over any hair dye.

6 thoughts on “A Hairy Weekend

  1. OMG it looks great!

    (Oh hai. I’m Lori; I got to your blog from something you posted to an LJ community. I’m also a redhead, though it just grows that way. Your hair looks SO GOOD. No wonder you’re getting compliments.)

    I’m looking forward to seeing what it darkens into…;-)

  2. =] I’ve henna’d for the past year, and I lurve it. The more you use it, the darker and more permanent the shade, so don’t be afraid to do it a second, third, sixth time. 😉 And just wait until you explore what you can add to it… I’ve taken to using some old coffee grounds, a dash of tumeric, paprika, and cayenne, and a splash of lemon juice and red wine. The lemon makes it last (and adds shine), the coffee deepens the shade, and the spices help take out some of the orange-carrot shade (it just doesn’t work on my skin.)

    Glad to hear you’ve jumped on board!

    1. Like I mentioned, the only reason it took me this long is I was afraid of getting stuff that would wreck my hair. I am so going to maintain it. And depending on the shade, I may just do the whole thing when the roots need it. I may have to try out the coffee grounds thing sometime if the orange doesn’t fade on it’s own.

  3. I hennaed in December – there’s still a reddish tinge to my hair. So many good things about henna, but I understand your trepidation. I am alway nervous trying new things when it comes to my hair and cooking!


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