Finished!: The Night Watch

The Night Watch by Sarah Waters (audiobook)

This is a story about a small group of people who are living in London during and just after World War II. All of their lives are connected, many in ways they don’t know about. The main focus is on four women and one man, but there are others in their lives that are also throughout the book. It follows them from the beginning of the war, near the end, and soon after. But, as always with Sarah Waters’ books, there is a twist.

This is a wonderful book. If I saw this audiobook at Half-Price Books, I would not hesitate to buy it. The narrator was great. She put a lot of inflection and emotion into the story and really helped bring it to life. The story is amazing. The way she weaves their lives together in such intricate ways without them realizing how close they are to each other is wonderful! I will admit, when it got to the end, I was like “That’s it?! But what about…”. But it’s not an unsatisfying ending. You just wish there was a sequel to keep going in their lives.


Mainly for my own sake, I need to figure out how everyone is connected. Bear with me.

Duncan is Viv’s brother, was in prison with Fraser, and lives with Mr. Mundy
Viv is Duncan’s sister, Reggie’s mistress, becomes friends with Fraser, was taken to the hospital and helped by Kay, and runs a match-making agency with Helen
Helen runs the agency with Viv, is Julia’s lover, and is Kay’s ex
Kay lives above a doctor, is Helen’s ex, was involved with Julia, helped Viv, and looks forward to seeing Duncan and Mr. Mundy arrive every week

Wow. Such an intricate web that they don’t know about. I also loved the fact that it’s told backwards. Somehow it makes the story better. I’m really looking forward to physically reading it sometime.


Spring Book Challenge: Read a historical fiction novel.


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