Thoughts on… Bonzai Aphrodite

I had the idea to do a weekly post with my thoughts on a certain moive, book, website, TV show, etc. And what better way to start it all than with the site that started it all for me!

Bonzai Aphrodite is the blog of Sayward Rebhal. She regularly posts about her life with her husband and son on their urban farm. They are veg*n (her spelling) and will post amazing vegan recipes. Even as an omnivore I’m tempted by quite a few of them. She also will post recipes and instructions for homemade items like laundry detergent, kombucha (both the tea and the starter), deodorant, and toothpaste. There are quite a few that I’m looking forward to making. She also will post helpful tips for the urban gardener, including starting plants from seeds and potato tire stacks.

There are two regular posts that occur on Bonzai. The first is the Monday Monthly Mission. The first Monday of each month a new mission is posted. Sayward, and those who want to join her, attempt the mission and we talk about it on the last Monday of the month. They have ranged from using less plastic to no ‘poo to saving change to this month’s mission, driving less and cutting emissions. I always read them and try to work on them if possible. Some, like trying no ‘poo and saving change, I was already doing in my daily life. Others, like less plastic and cut emissions, make me take a look at an area of my life that needs work. It’s wonderful.

The other is the Friday Feedback Forum (isn’t alliteration fun!?). Every Friday Sayward will post her plans for the weekend. Then we’re all encouraged to either share our plans as well and/or make any suggestions for what we’d like to see on the site. Lately, because of the recent arrival of the little guy, there have been more people asking about childcare posts than anything else. But Sayward has done a wonderful job making sure every post isn’t about childcare. Yeah, the little guy usually gets mentioned, but he’s just soooo cute!

Bonzai Aphrodite is a wonderful community for everyone who wants to or lives a green/natural lifestyle. Everyone should have it in the blog list!



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