The Military is getting into hot water

New York Times Green Blog - Solar Panels Advance on Camp Lejeune
Solar Panels Advance on Camp Lejeune. (Click for the article.)

The military may help make solar heating more affordable for everyone! By December all 900 of the homes at the Camp Lejeune base in North Carolina will have solar panels that will be used to heat the water for the house. This is so awesome! One panel on the roof will provide 75% of the hot water that house will need. It’s wonderful to see something as big as the military supporting these products and working on making their carbon footprint smaller. Also the fact that so many are being installed will hopefully help the cost to come down and become more affordable to the budget-conscious eco-geek. 🙂 

Treehugger - Almost Everyone Has a Solar Water Heater In Dezhou, China
Almost Everyone Has a Solar Water Heater In Dezhou, China. (Click for the article.)

It has become a very popular alternative in China. The city of Dezhou not only home to the largest manufacturer of solar heating, 90% of the homes there have them installed. Because of the abudance of manufacturers in China, it’s become very easy to own a solar heating system.

There is even talk of Suntech, the China-based leader in solar panel production, building a factory here in the US. That would be amazing for everyone involved. It would help to bring the cost down here and hopefully make it more popular. Who knows, we could even rival China in use of the system. I know this is one thing I look forward to researching more once I have a house to install it in.


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