Thoughts on…Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
The Food Revolution has been my favorite show this year!

As you probably already know, I watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution when it was on. Thanks to Hulu, I watched it when I had the time on my computer.

The six episode series follows Jamie Oliver’s work in Huntington, West Virginia, to get people to eat healthier. A lot of his focus is in the schools. At first he meets with a lot of opposition, but in the end his biggest opponents are his biggest supporters. He works to get school lunches to be much healther and whole in both elementary and high schools. He sets up a kitchen where people can come to learn to cook healthy dishes. He goes to families and helps them to turn their diet around. It is an amazing journey.

Before this I had a vague idea of who Jamie Oliver was (The Naked Chef) but that was it. Now I’m trying to find all of his other shows to watch and I want to get as many of his books as possible when I can afford it! I love the fact that he is so determined to get people eating healthy and will do just about anything to get it done. That show, sadly, has probably not had the impact on America that I wish it did. Most of America is stubborn and does not want to give up their greasy, sugary food for fear that healthy food has no taste. I just hope that it has inspired enough people to keep the revolution alive. Personally I want to take this poster:

And turn it into this poster and hang it in my kitchen somewhere:
Food Fight!



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