Meatless Thursday, June 3, 2010

Subway: The Way a Sandwich Should Be
Subway: meatless friendly fast food!

A couple of weeks ago I had picked up a Healthy Choice Steamer that is meatless. I have every intention of having on a Thursday. I even packed it for lunch today. But it just didn’t sound good. Then the power went out and that completely ruled it out for lunch. So I went to Subway. Thank God for Subway! I have always loved their Veggie Delight. For the longest time that was the only one my mom would allow us to get as a footlong. Now it’s the only footlong I can finish without feeling overstuffed. I loaded it with the usual: lettuce, tomato, spinach, cucumber, green pepper, black olives, provolone cheese, and red wine vinaigrette on Honey Oat bread. It is sooooooo good! I gave in and got it as a meal. I saved the Sun Chips for a snack and made a half sweet, half unsweetened iced tea. It was an amazing lunch, as always from Subway.

Mushroom Lasagna al Forno
Mushroom Lasagna al Forno from Bertolli
Dinner went as planned. I picked up Mushroom Lasagna al Forno by Bertolli. When I saw that wonderful layer of mushrooms, I had to get it. It was wonderful, even though I screwed up baking it. I missed the part on the directions that said to cover the dish while baking. But it still turned out great. I am looking forward to baking it correctly and seeing how the sauce is supposed to taste. I think the way I did it concentrated it more and it had a strong sun-dried tomato taste that I loved. I’m hoping that it’s because that’s how it’s supposed to taste. I simply paired it with my usual mixed greens salad with feta, olive oil, and lemon juice. Overall, wonderful meatless day!


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